FotorCreatedOh my God, there are so many products in the world, there is so much information… it’s like we are in the middle of a world war of words (and lights and sounds) and we are being bombarded from all angles… buy this, get that.. have this… acquire that… eat this… wear that… what are we supposed to do?

Thank God, there are celebrities who help us out while we are grappling with endless choices (of including things we didn’t even know we wanted!). Since they have reached levels much above survival, in the benevolence they tells us all about their secrets of success, beauty, energy and whatnot so we can be like them as well.

I find it very mystical how they had been using a brand for so many years and the same company ropes them in for advertising, what coincidences! Of course, they won’t lie about using a product for ages. If they get to gain a few crores for the mass enlightenment, so what?

Like Salman Khan had been using Revital for years and luckily Revital wanted to make an ad with him. Life is a miracle!

There was Madhuri Dixit raising her kids on a healthy, nutritious diet of Maggi in Denver and lo and behold, she lands in India and becomes the brand ambassador for Maggi. By the way, she’s also a microbiologist, not some uneducated aira-gaira celebrity. When she says Maggi is healthy doing aerobics steps or playing football, it cannot be otherwise. It has to have fibre worth three rotis and real vegetables. Who wants rotis and real vegetables anyway?

When Amitabh Bachchan, the man himself can’t resist Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, who are we lesser mortals to even try?

And I seriously don’t understand why there are so many soaps in the market when all our celebrities have declared in unison that their skin is what it is only because of Lux. Where is the doubt now?

Also thank God for Fair & Lovely, else Aishwarya Rai, Mahima Chaudhary, Juhi Chawla would have been some dusky damsels sulking in a corner of a remote place. Poor Genelia wouldn’t even have gotten her break and finally Riteish, if it weren’t for Fair & Lovely. Ah! The kind world of marketing. Now we dark people can live honorably too. Sometimes I wonder why don’t they rub a lot of Fair & Lovely on Africans so there are no racial biases for the blacks as we wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from the whites. Aishwarya can’t blabber just like that, you know!

Now we live in world of gender equality, so Shahrukh Khan had to step in for Fair & Handsome. And later Fawad Khan, though I don’t know who he is, but since he is famous, he must be credible.

They have also let out their other beauty secrets like which makeup to use and what we are worth. Isn’t that amazing?

And Aamir Khan, he is a perfectionist, wouldn’t he know best about benefits of Coca Cola? If he says Cold means Coca Cola, it has to be it.

Then there is some life education they generously dole out. Like only a particular brand of pressure cooker confirms your love for your wife. I also didn’t know that there were certain jewlery brands my life was worthless without. Well, that’s imaginable given my awareness level, as I used to think mango is a fruit to be eaten and not something to be made love with.

I am not even touching international celebrities because that is beyond even discussion, ok? (Gushing!)

Our lives are so much easier now. We know which atta to buy. Gabbar kept asking in Sholay which atta to buy but now we know. Silver Coin Traditional Chakki Fresh Atta because that’s what Hema Malini eats. Incidentally, we also know which water she drinks. So we are on our ways to become dream girls (I don’t know whether this works for boys too).

We know which biscuits to have with tea, which tea to have with tabla and so on.

Thank you celebrities, we would be lost in the unending maze of packaged foods, cosmetics, apparels, vehicles, pens, paints and totally-unnecessary-things, if you were not there to hold our hands (and our money). 😀

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Dinakshi is a curious explorer of life, and loves to see everything around her with a sense of wonder. Completely in awe of life and its ardent student, she is a writer, poet, blogger and ex-editor. Her superpower is involuntarily read and edit everything from text messages to poetry on the backside of trucks. Like any other Indian worth their salt, she’s done her time in the IT industry as a programmer. Books and journals have been her best friends for as long as she can remember. A philosopher at heart, she loves to question everything, including her propensity to question. An avid learner and unlearner, she is on a joyful path to live all that is.