Now that I am back after a good New Year bash in Jaipur and life has started to go back on its usual track, I can’t help wondering… what is it about New Year that makes it so wonderful and us so excited about it?

If we really think about New Year, it’s just an arbitrary line we have drawn between years. If our year consisted of 500 days, January 1 wouldn’t have meant anything. And what is it that incites us so much about New Year, or anything new, for that matter? What is it about newness in general that feels so great, be it the beginning of a new dawn, blooming of a new flower, arrival of a new baby…

Well, it’s a fresh start. Unconsciously we feel that we can let bygones be bygones and move on to a new beginning where we can plan things in a novel and better way. That’s how New Year resolutions come into picture. We start on a positive and optimistic note. It’s another story that somewhere down the line (as early as in January only) we tend to go off the track. The usual-ness of life and everything sets in and we are like, “Oh, what the heck!”

The good news is that after 365 days, we get to have another new year and even if it is for a while only, we feel a whiff of freshness and enthusiasm. The way I see it, it is buoyancy like this, however temporary, keeps us charged for life.

If we take this concept to the next level, wouldn’t it be brilliant, if after years of struggle of trying to figure out life, we are given a fresh start every once in a while? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the baggage we accumulate over years taken away from us and we can begin afresh?

Wait a minute! Isn’t that what’s happening already? After one lifetime that we mostly screw up, we are mercifully taken away and given another lifetime to start totally with a clean slate. Isn’t it a huge blessing? Imagine if it were not the case!

On a related note, people ask why we have to experience effects of our past life karmas when we don’t even remember them. What would we learn if we don’t know why we are going through what we are going through? And here it gets even better! Not by chance or mistake, but by scrupulous and compassionate design, our previous memories are erased from our conscious level so that we are not bogged down with past baggage and can start in a breezy way. Just compare the innocent smile of a child and wrinkles of an old man and I rest my case.

It’s like when we feel really bad about something we have done or has happened to us and we want to put it behind us, we say, “Oh, come on, forget it!” That’s what the universe does. It thankfully lets us forget it! And it doesn’t end there. Another magnificent thing is that nothing is really erased. It’s all there and keeps on working at deeper levels so that we are not unnecessarily perturbed in our present life. One more beauty of this plan is that we can access those deeper layers if and when we are ready.  God! The more I look deeply into the scheme of the things in the universe, the more I am in awe of the greatest masterpiece of the greatest master!

The way I see it, start with anything, New Year celebrations or whatever, we end up saluting the ultimate power in the universe, if we go really deep into it…

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Dinakshi is a curious explorer of life, and loves to see everything around her with a sense of wonder. Completely in awe of life and its ardent student, she is a writer, poet, blogger and ex-editor. Her superpower is involuntarily read and edit everything from text messages to poetry on the backside of trucks. Like any other Indian worth their salt, she’s done her time in the IT industry as a programmer. Books and journals have been her best friends for as long as she can remember. A philosopher at heart, she loves to question everything, including her propensity to question. An avid learner and unlearner, she is on a joyful path to live all that is.