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My Name is Dinakshi and I am a Content Professional, Expression Coach and Life & Wellness Coach. Yeah, well, that’s all right, but what do I do, you ask. That’s a good question and be prepared for a long answer and a longer why I do what I do. Well, you’ve been warned.

I was pretty content making money (and some say career) in the IT industry and going through usual rut until one day life, in all its benevolence, slapped me hard and woke me up to its beauty. I am not kidding. Then, among other things I decided to do only things I really care about and the ones which make me come alive!

And I figured (wasn’t all that hard really) that I love to write, I almost live to write.

So now I write for corporates, for individuals, for small and large businesses, for websites, for blogs, for marketing materials, for magazines and publications. The point is – I get the point across.

And then I write for myself – what I think and/or feel. That somehow other people seem to enjoy too!

I admit a little shyly (which is rather unlike me) that I am poet as well. I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. According to me, poetry is the highest form of expression bestowed upon human beings, the one that transcends narrow-ness and limited-ness of words… through words. <>

As an Expression Coach, I guide children to be process their thoughts and feelings and put them on paper with ease and elegance. I love working with kids as they are yet not affected with impurities of world and there is hope, no offence, grown-ups! <>

Fortunately for us grown-ups, there is a child inside all of us that we can be in touch with, if we so wish. That child would be happy to be acknowledged, in fact. Maybe it’s just me but I believe that a lot of our blocks originate from not being able to express ourselves properly and not owning our personal power. These are two things I am really passionate about and when I mix these two with the third thing I love – connecting with people, it makes an awesome combination!

What pains me is that most of us forget the “living” while working day and night trying to earn a comfortable and easy living! I help people connect with themselves, their personal power and the thing called “life”.

I call it derobotizing lives.

And wait, I am a wellness coach as well, as health is of utmost importance (I learnt it the hard way, you don’t have to). All the “intelligent talk” above is nothing but a big “blah” if we don’t have a sound body/mind system to sail us through life.

Life has been kind enough to teach me plenty of big lessons on fast track mode through crash courses also known as roller-coaster-esque ups and downs, be it in physical, mental or emotional realm. I hate roller coasters otherwise but these ones I have come to love, respect and be grateful for in retrospect. Especially the speed, I am not that old, you know!

Sharing those lessons and insights and holding hand to see you through your challenges and make them fun along the way if possible (it mostly is) is what I do.

I invite you to connect with me on a journey that is beautiful, full of expression and worth living to its full potential with joy!

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